Blitz Detailing Supreme Shampoo (Jelly Bean) (1 Litre) (1:1250)

Blitz Detailing Supreme Shampoo (Jelly Bean) (1 Litre) (1:1250)

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1 Litre = Up-to 50 washes. That's 20p per wash!

A highly concentrated pH neutral shampoo which is wax and sealant safe. Even when diluted provides exceptional lubricity and luxurious foam. When used in conjunction with our microfibre wash mitt, this provides a safe and effective method of cleaning your car.


Use our Citrus Pre-Wash or Extreme Snow Foam before to remove and loosen dirt & grime.

Step 1: Pour 25-45ml into an empty 25L bucket with grit guard and add water to generate foam. 

Step 2: Use a wash mitt to apply the diluted shampoo to the vehicle, from top to bottom.

Step 3: Rinse off with a pressure washer or hose pipe then dry with one of our microfibre towels.


If huge amounts of suds and foamy goodness aren't required, 20ml in a 25L bucket still creates a super slick, sudsy wash with powerful cleaning capabilities.

Supreme Shampoo works at a ratio of 1:500 for super suds to 1:1250 for more economical, yet powerful, washes.

It can also be applied via a snow foam lance at approximately 1:8 (approx 80-90ml to 750ml) for easier application.

Video courtesy of JS Detailing