Blitz Detailing MEGA TFR Highly Concentrated (1 Litre)

Blitz Detailing MEGA TFR Highly Concentrated (1 Litre)

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A heavy duty concentrated cleaner, for the removal of road grime, grease, traffic film and soiling.

Suitable for cleaning most vehicles, components, engines and chassis.


Ensure compatibility before use on non-factory paint finishes.

Do not use neat on paintwork.

Ensure the surface is wet.

Dilute 1 part to upto 38 parts water in your sprayer.

Set the flow of TFR to 0.5-1% at lance tip for best performance.

Hold sprayer approx 18“ from the surface of the vehicle, cleaning one area at a time, working from base upwards.

Do not allow to dry.

Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Biodegradable for easy disposal.


Image for display purpose only, these will be sent in a black HDPE chemically resistant bottle, not a clear one as shown in the picture.