Blitz Detailing M22 Quick Release Short Trigger Lance & Quick Release

Blitz Detailing M22 Quick Release Short Trigger Lance & Quick Release Nozzles

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An Ideal upgrade, that makes life a lot easier. The short trigger means harder to reach places are a lot easier, the quick release connection opens up a world of add on accessories and we have swivel connectors coming very soon!

Key Features:

High Quality replacement Pressure Washer Trigger Lance

3000 PSI Max high pressure washer tool.

Suitable for 14 mm diameter water pipe connections.

Made of engineering plastic, strong and durable.

High hardness brass nozzle, long life.

Built-in a trigger lock so when using it you do not have to keep the trigger pressed down the whole time and strain your hand.

Make sure your pressure washer hose is 15mm diameter inside the M22 metric thread.


Type: Pressure Washer Lance

Material: Plastic + Brass

Maximum Pressure: 3000PSI/200BAR/20MPa

Max Temp: 60 Celsius / 140 Fahrenheit



INPUT: M22 metric male thread 

(22mm outer Dia., 14mm inner Dia.)

OUTPUT: 1/4 inch quick release adapter

Size: 17.5*17.5*3.5cm / 6.9*6.9*1.4" (L*W*H)


Our 5 pack of quick connecter nozzles are ideal for quick and easy changes of pressure and spray angle for your jet wash.

Please note: although the red adapter is included, it is not recommended for use on vehicles due to the high pressure output.


Material: Stainless Steel + Brass
Connector Size: 1/4’’

1* 0 degree red nozzle (Not recommended for use on vehicles)
1* 15 degree yellow nozzle (High Pressure)
1* 25 degree green nozzle (Medium Pressure)
1* 40 degree white nozzle (Low Pressure)
1* Black nozzle (Rinse)