Blitz Detailing Iron Extreme Fallout Remover (Cherry) (500ml)

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A reactive pH balanced (approx 6) bleeding fall out remover/cleaner, formulated to dissolve brake dust and iron contaminants. A new and improved formulation compared to others on the market. It reacts faster and more intensely causing iron and fallout to turn purple before your eyes! It clings longer onto wheels and paintwork due to its thickened formulation. With an added Cherry Perfume.


Can be applied as a stand alone cleaner or as an extra intense cleaner after washing your wheels as normal.

Step 1: Spray Iron Extreme onto the surface (wet or dry)

Step 2: Allow to dissolve (2-3 minutes)

Step 3: The contamination will now be purple, jet wash or rinse off all of the product

Optional: Adgitate with a wheel brush to improve effectiveness further