Blitz Detailing Gecko Gel Wheel Cleaner (500ml)

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Gecko is a gel based wheel cleaner which clings to your wheels allowing long dwelling times and powerful cleaning.

The thickened alkaline formulation will emulsify and remove grime, dirt and road salts easily.


Spray evenly onto your wheels, allow to dwell for 2-3 minutes, agitate with a wheel brush until foamy, then pressure rinse off thoroughly.

Ensure wheel surface is cool before application and do not use in direct sunlight.

Ensure product doesn‘t dry on the surface, this is especially important on warm/hot days as damage may occur.

This product is suitable for factory finish alloy wheels only, use on any other surface is done at the users own risk and compatibility must be tested on a small, inconspicious area prior to extensive use, especially on poor quality or scuffed alloy wheels.