Blitz Detailing Ceramic Spray Quick Detailer (500ml) QD

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An ultra-hydrophobic, pH neutral, ceramic infused quick detailer with durability of up to 3 months. Easy to apply – Simply spray, wipe and buff to offer high levels of gloss and extreme contact angles. It can be used as stand-alone protection, or as a top up for an existing wax or sealant.


Apply to clean, dry paintwork only. It is also recommended to fully decontaminate the vehicle prior to use

Step 1: Spray lightly onto one panel at a time

Step 2: Spread the product using our foam applicator pad.

Step 3: Allow 3-10 minutes to cure

Step 4: Buff off with one of our clean microfiber towels.

You can also apply and wipe clear like a normal detailing spray, with reduced effectiveness.