Blitz Detailing 5x 1/4" Quick Connector Pressure Washer Nozzles

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Upgraded: We now have a 1mm orifice option, meaning increased pressure, which is especially good if you currently struggle with low pressure from your jet wash.

Our 5 pack of quick connecter nozzles are ideal for quick and easy changes of pressure and spray angle for your jet wash.

Please note: although the red adapter is included, it is not recommended for use on vehicles due to the high pressure output.


Material: Stainless Steel + Brass
Connector Size: 1/4’’

1* 0 degree red nozzle (Not recommended for use on vehicles)
1* 15 degree yellow nozzle (High Pressure)
1* 25 degree green nozzle (Medium Pressure)
1* 40 degree white nozzle (Low Pressure)
1* Black nozzle (Rinse)