Blitz Detailing Concentrated Citrus Pre-Wash (1 Litre)

Blitz Detailing Concentrated Citrus Pre-Wash (1 Litre)

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A highly concentrated, high pH, pre-wash cleaner that is gentle on surfaces and protection when diluted in use. It‘s citrus based formulation de-greases and cleans in one application to effectively remove flies, traffic film and general dirt from vehicle bodyworks and engines.


Use our Extreme Snow Foam after to remove and loosen even more dirt & grime.

Step 1: Dilute with water as guided below.

Step 2: Apply solution by low pressure spray & leave to dwell.

Step 3: Rinse off with a pressure washer or hose pipe.

Dilution Guide

Heavy Soiling (Grease, etc) - neat or dilute 1:1

Medium Soiling (Periodic cleaning) - dilute 4:1

Light Soiling (Regular cleaning) - dilute 8:1