Blitz Detailing Fast Gloss Concentrated Polymer Wax Additive & Rinse Aid (500ml)

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A highly concentrated polymer wax additive that gives you faster drying times and a quick way to coat your car.


The highly concentrated formula can be diluted upto 1:40.

For use after you have shampoo‘d then rinsed.

It is recommended to apply Fast Gloss through a foam cannon using 10ml with 400ml of water.

Allow to dwell for a few minutes, then rinse off.

It can also be applied by hand, with the same dilution and directions as above, in a spray bottle.

It can also be added to your usual shampoo, to give it a wax boost and aid in the rinsing part of your wash procedure.

Do not allow Fast Gloss to dry on the surface.

Automated systems, dilute upto 1:1000.