Blitz Detailing 1/4" Quick Connect Adapter For Karcher K2-K7 + 5 Spray Nozzles & Holder

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Karcher K Series Quick Connect Adapter + 5 Spray Nozzles & Holder

Our adaptor bayonet fitting for karcher k series pressure washers (K2-K7) allows you to use 1/4" quick connect fitting's such as our snow foam cannon's and nozzle's. It's manufactured from heavy plastic with brass insert to ensure a long life and easy connection.

Please note: These may have a strong chemical smell at first due to the way they are processed in the factory, this smell will go away.

It is recommended to handle with gloves at first to prevent any smell transferring.

Includes 5x Nozzles:

Our quick connecter nozzles are ideal for quick and easy changes of pressure and spray angle for your jet wash.

Please note: although the red adapter is included, it is not recommended for use on vehicles due to the high pressure output.

Material: Stainless Steel + Brass
Connector Size: 1/4’’

1* 0 degree red nozzle (Not recommended for use on vehicles)
1* 15 degree yellow nozzle (High Pressure)
1* 25 degree green nozzle (Medium Pressure)
1* 40 degree white nozzle (Low Pressure)
1* Black nozzle (Rinse)

Material: Brass + Plastic

Max working pressure: 2000 PSI.
Working temperature is up to 140 Fahrenheit

ATTENTION: The adapter will fit Karcher K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7 trigger gun's only